Sean Koopmans grew up in the fresh air of Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada. He came to Beijing in 2002 in search of adventure, and found love. He and his wife have two daughters, Lucia aged 10, and Basilia who is 4, and like many Beijing parents he worries about the effect of air pollution. Koopmans though took things to a whole new level: he designed and built his own air purification system, the Airmazing!
“I’m an inventor,” he told us. “As with most inventors, we were born to create and innovate. From bicycle parts to automotive devices, I am driven to solve problems. In Canada, I used to own antique cars (my favorite hobby) and I developed modern conveniences for them such as using a 12 volt modern stereo in a six volt vehicle system. I also had worked on an innovation on an existing drip irrigation system. (I would still someday like to get into organic permaculture in Beijing using my system).” …..